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Happy New Year Coffee with Council

First of all, Happy New Year to each of you I truly hope your celebration was full of

family and friends.

It's time again for Coffee with Council and I'll be at Grounds for Celebration this Saturday the 14th of January at a different time. (Trying to spread the event around to catch as many folks as possible.) I'll be at Grounds between 1:00PM and 3:00PM and you are invited to come by for a cup and some conversation about the direction of Windsor Heights.

There is a bunch to share with you from our City Administrator Search to celebrating our new Public Works Director and our grateful good-bye to our Public Safety Director Chad McCluskey. Chad will be heading over to Waukee to become the Chief of Police in the ever-growing community.

If you are still with me on Saturday at 3PM we can stroll over the Centerfield for their one year anniversary. I'm told they will have a ribbon cutting at 3:00PM on the 14th.

Bring your questions, ideas and thoughts and I'll see you on Saturday the 14th.


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