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Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Many of you may be aware that the majority of jobs are created not by mega-companies but by small businesses. That's right, some 63% of all jobs in the U.S

. come from the small business sector.

But, to become a small business you've got to have an idea. You need to compare notes with other small businesses and startups. The more you mingle the more you learn. Well, I've got an invitation for you.

This June EntraFEST is back and this year in Iowa City. If you register before Midnight on March 27th the Early Bird Fee is just $99. Here is the link to EntreFEST for 2022.

I'm honored to have been asked to present again this year but before I get into that let me share with you what to expect between June 9th and 10th. You will be surrounded by energetic thinkers and passionate business people who are willing to share their time, talents and experiences with you. You'll be able to bounce ideas off those who have been through this before and you'll be able to pick up some necessary skills and advice that you'll find helpful in guiding you to your launch.

Me? I'll be presenting "Five in 24 - Five Things Any Business Can Do in Twenty-Four Hours to Enhance their Brand and Sell More...Stuff". It moves fast and nope, I don't read the PowerPoint.

Join me and dozens of others and let's put some action behind your dream.

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